Restaurant Terrasse Lafayette
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Plateau Mont-Royal: 250 Villeneuve Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2V 2R1
Tel: 514-288-3915


"I recently visited this resto. and thought i was in another planet...I could not beleive the great changes in this place WOW WOW WOW !!!!!Theres even a TV ,Anyways ,i really enjoyed my food there and will pass bye with my group of friends especially now that its fully rejuvenated and looks so nice for parties and gatherings .The prices are also very affordable and dont have to eat anymore from those old crusty plates and cutlery they used to have a year ago ...WAY TO GO ,OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOORAY !!!!!!!!!! Beautiful from A to Z  by Peter Rigas -

"Helen and I consider this place as our home away from home" 
-  S. Vezina

"Excellent repas!  Je vais revenir c'est promis!"
  -  Martin

Restaurant Review by Mike Cohen with Larry Fredericks - " We decided to forego the latter and try two different types of Portuguese sausages: one was grilled and garnished with olive oil, lemon sauce, salt pepper and garlic while the other portion was sautéed with red and yellow peppers, onions and marinara sauce. They were absolutely delicious and the same goes for the meat items, which were all grilled to perfection. "  The Suburban , Montreal

"Il ya plus de 10 ans que nous sommes servis par vous et nous avons toujours apprecié votre service de qualité."  -  L. Clermont

"Great first experience! Food was of high quality! Prices are very low, and don't reflect the quality of the food. Portions are very generous, and it was a pleasure to be served by you!  -  J. McKell

"Located in the district of Plateau Mont-Royal, this charming spot has the biggest eclectic menu I've ever seen for a mom and pop restaurant. It's almost as big as SF's Cheesecake Factory menu. My cousins chose to dine here to relive their childhood. The restaurant has been there for as long as they can remember....."  - Yelp Review

"We both decided that the ambiance and service at Terrasse Lafayette Pizza deserves another go around. But we have also decided to not be such cheapskates next time and take a dive into their more expensive, elaborate, and (as we suspect) more delicious meals next time....."  - Yelp Review

"If, wherever you travel, you love to find a neighbourhood resto, you are going to love Terrasse Lafayette. Firstly, where else but Montreal would you find a Greek restaurant with a French/Louisiana name?" -
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